Japan : Webmaster's Map

"Webmaster's Maps" are outline maps with coordinates for imagemap. They help you to publish web contents about Japan.

Feature & How to use

How to Save Maps ?
Hold down the right button of your mouse on graphics and select "Save As".
Divided into Provinces
Territories are divided into provinces. So you can easily color each provinces.
Compact & Dense
Because Japan is so spreaded country (south to north, west to east), the map is partly pressed, partly enlarged, and twisted. South-West and Ogasawara Islands are divided from other part of the country. The map is compact & dense though it's far away from reality.
Sample of Use
Links to Japanese Web Sites (Regional Section).

720 pixels width x 380 pixels height

File Name: w720jp.png
Japanese Territory - White (#ffffff)
Water Surface - Light Blue (#6699ff)
Coastlines - Blue (#0000cc)
Provincial Borders - Grey (#999999)
Explanation - Ivory (#ffffcc)

Coordinates for Imagemap

Please change the value of links & alternative texts.

coord720i.txt: (ISO-8859-1)
Written in Latin alphabet.
coord720u.txt: (UTF-8N)
Alternative texts are written in Japanese.
coord720j.txt: (SHIFT_JIS)
The most typical character set in Japan.

Terms of Use

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